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Application Support

Premier Cloud Helpline has been providing end-user support services since 2001 - It's what we, as a company, know best. Our staff are highly technical, well trained and geared up to support two specific neishes: G Suite and Web Applications.

The key reason for the growing popularity of Web Applications is due to its cross-platform compatibility. Given the sufficient training, tools and access, our team can theoretically support any Web Application that can be accessed through a web browser. The senior members of our Web Application Support team can also take part in loop-back processes to provide the application developers with feedback & bug reports for ongoing application improvements and enhancements.

"Tempus Nova leveraged PC Helpline to provide support for a large enterprise customer (40,000+ users) during their Google Apps implementation. PCH was incredibly responsive, professional and flexible. Senior executives traveled to meet with my customer and presented them with an overview of the support services. PCH provided excellent end user support that augmented the customer's existing Help Desk infrastructure. They regularly communicated with my customer and followed up with usage and metrics reports. My customer is very happy with the great service PCH provided and has purchased additional support from them. I would highly recommend PCH and will definitely use them again on other customer deployments. The service is cost effective, they are knowledgeable and the benefit to end users is invaluable!"
- Didi Dellanno, President/CEO of Tempus Nova

Tempus Nova

"PCH was the needed helpdesk support to get us over the hump of moving 10,000 users. Big migrations put a lot of weight on our existing support, so augmenting with PCH provided us knowledgeable helpdesk resources that could instantly expand our team during a big transition."
- Jack Miller, CTO of CENTURY 21 Canada.

Century 21

"The skills of the Premier Cloud Helpline staff are top notch. They have allowed me to offer my customers 24/7 support at a high level of quality and at a more cost effective level than I was able to provide with my own staff. I am happy to recommend Premier Cloud Helpline."
- Kevin Lalor, President of Business Intelligence 101