Gmail Technical Support to Resolve Common Gmail Issues

Gmail Technical Support to Resolve Common Gmail Issues

From the date of its introduction in 2004, Gmail has been one of the most popular web based email service providers in the world. It was introduced with 1 GB of storage space at a time when other web based email services were just offered only 2 to 4 MB. Additional features offered with Gmail are instant messaging, spam control and it's intuitive user interface has made Gmail one of the best email services available.

As Gmail has grown, a number of guides and forums grew on the internet that specialize in offering Gmail assistance as well as Gmail's own support page where a user can visit in order to try self diagnose their issues. When someone visits one of these websites, they are quite often given text that offers a step by step guide for the user to follow. Unfortunately, this generally means you need to have a good working knowledge of PCs and the Internet. And if you make an error while resolving your issue, you may in turn make things worse.

Occasional support or assistance with corporate Gmail accounts is common and is experienced by almost all the users. PC Helpline can provide 24-7 support to your business to help resolve these issues quickly and efficiently. Often within two or three minutes.

Common support issues include:
  • Password Resets
  • Google 2-Step Authentication
  • Gmail not loading
  • Gmail not syncing
  • Missing email
  • Spam control
  • Email configuration on iPhones and Android

Admin tasks within the console:
  • Password resets
  • 2 step verification set up
  • Data transfer
  • Generating back up codes
  • Creating, renaming, suspending, deleting and restoring data for user accounts
  • Creating groups & organizations and managing users within them
  • Managing users admin rolls and privileges

Common 'how-to' inquiries:
  • Creating calendar events
  • Generating Application Specific Passwords (ASP) for application/mobile syncing
  • Setting up email on phone/tablet
  • Setting up 2 step verification and generating backup codes
  • Questions about Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Photos, Slides, Forms and folders
  • Adding a profile picture, creating an email signature, updating personal info and privacy settings
  • Managing users within 'groups' and 'organizations'
  • Assistance with Google Talks/Hangouts
  • Settings within Chrome (Syncing with mail accounts, cache, cookies, privacy settings, etc.)

PC Helping also offers consultation services to companies who considering migrating to Gmail and Google Apps. Call us Toll Free At 1-888-802-5347 to speak with one of our sales executives.

Source: PC Helpline Computer Support Inc.

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