Help Desk Education - Google Apps Certification Program

Help Desk Education - Google Apps Certification Program

Google Apps for Work (formerly Google Apps for Business) is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software offered on a subscription basis by Google. With more than 5 million organizations around the world use Google Apps, including 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies, there is an ever increasing need for the Call Center industry to education and train help desk analysts to support and troubleshoot the related technology. The Certified Administrator course offered by google includes certification is for IT professionals who work in a call center environment and is a great choice for those who wish to begin a career in the Help Desk industry.

The Google Apps Certification Program is for IT professionals who sell, deploy, administer and support Google Apps for Business packages. made up of Google technologies such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Hangouts and others.

The course begins with the top ten crucial configuration tips, then provides best practices for organizational units, user management and service-level settings. You will explore Gmail's advanced options for staff and student accounts. Configure Google Groups and uncover the important fundamental change they can make on your domain. Explore the latest security enhancements and in-depth reporting. This session is an excellent additional study guide for becoming certified as a Google Apps administrator.

Course Topics Include:

Section 1

User creation, deletion, and administration
- Create new users manually, in bulk, and via invitation
- Demonstrate how to rename users, move users, add/remove nicknames, and suspend users
-Demonstrate how to delete users, retain data files for deleted users, and restore recently deleted users
- Use System Roles to delegate administration duties to users in a domain, including custom administration roles
- Demonstrate how to reset a user password, force the user to change their password, and monitor the strength of user passwords

Section 2

Organizational units
- Demonstrate how to create and use organizational units to manage users, groups, and security settings
- Demonstrate how to manage Google Apps services by organizational unit

Section 3

Google Apps services and organizational access
- Demonstrate how to configure sharing settings, storage requirements for Drive
- Demonstrate how to use Chrome policies for devices and users
- Demonstrate how to manage domain and organization level settings for Google Apps services
- Demonstrate how to use reports to determine services use, troubleshoot system issues, and to improve domain security

Section 4

Mail delivery, routing, and filtering
- Demonstrate how to configure Google Apps to manage mail routing
- Demonstrate how to manage approved or reject sender lists and whitelist senders by domain and IP addresses
- Demonstrate how to apply security best practices to email including transmit mail via a secure connection based on system rules
- Demonstrate how to filter messages based on general compliance settings, content, and attachment settings

Section 5

Calendar settings and resources
- Create and share a group calendar, set-up calendar sharing options, and delegate calendar access
- Demonstrate how to create and manage calendar resources

Section 6

Mobile policies and device management
- Demonstrate how to use Google Apps Mobile Management to manage Android and Google Sync devices
- Demonstrate how to reset user access and prevent access from a lost mobile device

Section 7

- Demonstrate how to use exception groups to manage security options by organizational unit
- Demonstrate how to configure SSO, OAuth, and 2-step verification

Section 8

- Create a group that will be used as a shared mailbox for a group of users, Q & A Forums, and distribution lists
- Demonstrate how to add, edit, disable, and delete a group, and prevent users from seeing other members of the group, and administer group roles
- Demonstrate how to share docs, sites, and videos using groups
- Demonstrate how to use Groups for Business to manage permissions and group settings

Source: PC Helpline Computer Support Inc.

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