PC Helpline provides supplemental support for PwC "One Calendar Project"

Google Cloud Partner

October 12, 2015: PC Helpline provides supplemental support for PwC "One Calendar" Project. With the success of the 5-phase Google Apps migration roll-out, PwC went on to implement the "Google One Calendar" project. This involved migrating past and future events from Lotus Notes to Google Calendar.

With over 55,000 PwC employees in the US migrating over 5 phases, (many of them using Google for the first time) PC Helpline was there every step of the way, working closely alongside one of Google’s leading Premier Partners (and a proud partner of PC Helpline), Appirio and PwC project managers to ensure the transition to G Suite was as seamless as possible, with little to no downtime for PwC employees.

About PC Helpline: PC Helpline works closely with multiple Google Premier Partners to provide their clients end-users with round-the-clock Google Apps phone support during and after migrations to G Suite. For further information, please contact Daniel at: dazad@pchelpline.com

Source: PC Helpline Computer Support Inc

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